Today, we went on an outing with our buddies. But before that we had our FCE lesson at zhengxin's kitchen. Their kitchen is much larger and broader then ours, but I feel that our own kitchens are much cleaner than theirs as we don't really have the little space under the stove and cupboard and thus, the dust will not accumulate in there. However Zhengxin has a lot of cooking facilities which have the little area under them hence its easier to collect dust. We cooked dumplings and fried carrot cake and I really think they were very nice hehehe. Through this, our group learnt how to help out one another more as we need at least two people at the stove so that one can help the one cooking while the other cut the food on another table. 

Later, we then went out with our buddies. Firstly, we went to a train station called 集集火车站. We bought our train tickets and while waiting, we drank 弹珠汽水 together. Being really excited, we all pushed down the marble situated on top of the bottle and then, a gush of bubbles together with frizzy drink spurt out instantaneously. We were cheering and laughing at one another as we all got our hands wet and sticky. I felt that it was a great start to a memorable journey. We then board the train towards 车程. The scenery along the track line was really amazing. I was literally wowing all along the train trip as the mountains and tall trees were the ever first time I saw them in my life. Sadly, We couldn't find any mountains in Singapore :( being typical youngsters, we took like thousand selfies on the trains and chatted happily.

车程 is a really beautiful place. When we toured around the train station, we came across a pond with really beautiful mountains behind it. The pond had three ducks swimming on the surface of water. When I look at the pond and the mountains from faraway, it was really astounding and they gave me a sense of peacefulness. The ducks could come out from the pond whenever they want as they are not confined. I fed them with some food and they were really cute. I was really happy at that point of time as it was my first time feeding a duck at such close distance. I feel that Singapore should have more of these ponds with ducks which can come out whenever they want as long as they do not attack people and then the people could feed them. Most animals in Singapore's zoo and parks are restricted and the tourists couldn't touch or feed them. As such, I feel that it lacks a bit of intimacy and friendliness between the humans and the wildlife. Since human beings and the animals all live in the same country, we should at least have a chance of patting and feeding them and also shower them with our love. They will feel cared and loved by us as Animals do have feelings too. If taiwan can let out the ducklings, I don't see any reasons why Singapore cannot. 

Lastly, we had our dinner at 星月天空. It was a unique restaurant built on a mountain and it has a lot of specials animals such as llama, a horse that looks like a cow, a red panda? And also a 狸猫. It was the first time in my life seeing a llama hahahaha it has a very beautiful eyes I guess? But it's poop was really smelly until I couldn't take it and walked away... There a slide for children too thus, the bunch of childish us went to play it but it was really fun joking around one another saying one another too fat cannot slide very fast. Although it was just a very short day with them, we had built up our friendship to the extent that we can joke with one another with sarcasm. Even though It was a short 9 hours? They were really friendly and amiable and I felt like we were long lost friends. We had so many topics to talk about and so many things to laugh about. They made have a sense of belonging although we came from two different countries where one excel in English while the other excel in chinese. Although sometimes we have some difficulty communicating, we still got close with one another very fast and I can still remember how unwilling we all were to separate at the hotel. We might not have the chance to meet again, but I want to tell them that the memories shall patch us back together again.


today, we did not manage to have a chance to meet our buddy. We went to zhengxin still and had robotics and balloon sculpture lessons. My first lesson was balloon making. the teacher thought us all the steps of how to fold a poodle patiently and slowly and many of us could catch up easily. we followed so as he explained each step. I personally think my poodle was quite cute but then the air at the tail escaped. i sought help from the teacher and he managed to fix it back, though it wasnt as nice as before. But still i thanked him and he is really good at making baloons. some of us made poodles, some of us made swans, roses, flowers, and also dolphines. they were really lovely and the teacher was really expert. unfortunately, alot of our balloons popped. After that, we went to a cake towel shop. This shop sells all sorts of figurines made of towel and their towels are made of good quality. we all made a cat using a piece of towel each and the product at the end was really cute. i love it alot. then, we got some time for shopping. As usual, a shopaholic like me took a basket and took all of them which caught my eye from the shelves. There were all kinds such as animals, deserts and also food. The shop sells towels and handkerchieves too so i bought some for my friend and grandma. What makes me happiest among all the loots ive gotten there was a pink macaroon. it is made of towel and it was so fluffy and cute. i could resist my temptation so i bought it. the other reason why i bought it was because i could have something to hug when napping on the bus. In total, i spent around $1430+ taiwan dollars and my friends said i was crazy. i probably was as i couldnt stop my hands from taking them into my baskets. But its okay, 70%of them were for my family and friends so they are worth it. Then we went to a puppet theatre and watched some puppet performance. Some of them were hilarious but one of the show i couldnt really understand as the people spoke in dialect which im not familiar with. We then proceeded to take a look at the puppets they had displayed out for the visitors. They were really made with incredible skills as the face and their costumes were really defined and colourful. Some of them were really handsome and beautiful while some of them look pretty scary. Their eyes were so well done that i can really feel the sense of emotions while looking into their eyes. it was really a great experience and we all had fun.


today was the first day we went to sacred hearts high school. the school was really big and spacious. they had quite alot of different towers, some specially for girls and boys as their school is segregated school. when we first stepped into the waiting area, the principal of the school 丁校长, secretaty 刘秘书 and also a few teachers welcomed us warmly with bright smile on their faces. they then told us that there was a special performance prepared specially for us and after we changed into our dance clothes, we can proceed to the hall, where we exchanged performances. their performaces were really fantastic and amazing especially their wushu performance. the students performed with might and strength and pride with few mistakes or even zero. their confidence influenced me and next, its our turn to perform. Finally the moment came when we are going to present the performance that we had prepared and practiced for around 1 month, with sweats and blood. through this 1 month, we practised really hard and it was really tiring to be honest. there were times when i feel like giving up on this performance. however, when i see them practising with all their energy, they motivated me and pushed me forward. i stood up again and continued arranging the dance. im really glad that my friends could make it for almost all practices and i can see how hard they tried to dance to my standard. i appreciate these alot, and i missed those times when we laughed and shouted at one another to relive stress, how we feel annoyed for not able to do the moves properly, but the did not give up. we cheered one another on and our bonds tighten alot, as a class.
its was time to put all our hearts in. i was in charged of the korean dance and i guess it was nice as i heard claps from the audience. i feel relieved as our efforts were not wasted, at least they appreciated. when it came to the whole class performance, we sang "in a heartbeat", which is one of singapore's national day song. we didnt memorise the lyrics but guess what, everyone knew the chorus really well and we shouted our lungs out during the chorus. i was smiling and feeling happy at that particular moment, when we held one another shoulders, trying to present the best performance on stage. the lyrics i remembered clearly were "In a heartbeat, ill be there for you. In a heartbeat, we will always be together united. This is our family." these, are the words that i want to convey to 2H. ill always be there for them, we will always be there for one another. we will be united as one, just like a big family, no one shall stand in between our ways. In Singapore, we were just being concerned about our studies and not the environment, the people we had around us. now that we are in another country, when they are the only people we are familiar to, we started to realise how important they are. without them, this performance wouldnt be a success. without them, the song would be lousy. withou them, there wouldnt be anyone who can help us through during this trip. im really grateful to have this bunch of friend whom i can rely on, no matter what.
after that, we were introduced to our buddies, and we were really awkward at first but since we three were quite friendly and straightforward so the awkwardness did not stay long. we started to get close while we were having lunch as we chatted quite alot. then we left for the soya sauce factory where they introduced us the history of soya sauce. when we alighted the bus , Ding 校长 was holding an umbrella for us so that we get down witout being drenched. i think it was really thoughtful and caring of him to do this and he is a principal ans we are the students. it is quite shocking if you hear a principal helping to shelter students from rain with an umbrella. i thanked him alot. i thought we were going to make soya sauce but it turned out to be a no. they did not prepare for us. later, a man took us and told us about an old street. the street is really cool and there was like no one around except us and it was drizzling. i took a picture and it really looks very very nice in the rain. after that, we left to change out into casual clothes as we are going to have a dinner with our buddies abd their parents. the venue is at a seafood restaurant and the food they serve are raw and seafood, which i cannot eat as i have sensitive skins. the secretary heard of me and offered me a plate of fried rice so that i have something to eat. i felt really warmed as if i was at home as i was really well taken cared of. the food he brought me were really more than enough and they were specially ordered for me. i felt embarrassing at the same time too as i felt i was causing trouble to them. it was a great dinner as i got to know more about my buddy and managed to get his contact. we then proceeded back to the hotel and after reflection, we rested and the day ended with a nice bath.


Hello mummy and daddy,
How are you all doing? im fine in Taiwan, dont worry! i miss yall so so much and i wish yall were with me. today, we went to the Chi Kan Tower and i think it was pretty impressive and cool. we went around touring the internal and external areas. it was quite dark inside the tower and there were quite alot of statues of Chinese Gods in it. i found it quite creepy. there is another tower that is connected and there is a place where usually all the moms go there and pray for the studies of their children. i saw a shelve and on it hung alot of examination certification and also well wishes for the children. i think the moms are really thoughtful and really love their children alot. they wished the best fot their children. i guess my mom love me that much too. me and my friend discovered a bomb shelter too but it was filled up with cement. we could not walk in any further. this bomb shelter was used to resist the japanese occupation.
yours sincerely,

chinese poem


We stayed at the ten drums culture village but even though we were all very tired, we didnt get much sleep as we arrived at the village at 12+ midnight. By the time we brushed up and unpack our luggages, it was already very late and we have to wake up very early the next day. moreover, it was our first class trip ever and we stayed up late to share the joy with our roommates. We had a buffet breakfast at ten drums culture village and the food were really delicious. i love their milk tea. We then travelled to museums and villages.  These museums consist of Taiwan's history and culture and im sure our class have gained alot of new knowledge that day. i realised that the taiwanese treausured and preserve their culture alot and many people still follow those traditions and beliefs. they kept the traditional clothings and things that they use daily such as wooden umbrella. the hakkas had many different accents as they have different races of taiwanese like 阿美族. although its the same dialect, but there are different accents of speaking it and i found this really cool. The guide and a few others adults were able to speak in different accents and this means alot of them still know the basic traditional knowledge of taiwan, they have yet to forget their root and tried hard to preserve the traditions. i feel really touched by them as in singapore, we do not really have our own traditions and most of the chinese do not really know much about traditions of chinese while in taiwan, they are trying hard to preserve their culture and pass on to the younger generations. all th best to them. we went to the night market 六河夜市. however, it was drizzling hence alot of stalls were not open and we did not get much time to walk around too as schedule was very tight. although there were not many stalls, i manage to try their fried chicken 炸鸡排 and it was yummy! i didnt get to try their bubble tea and 木瓜牛乳 as the queues were too long. hence i went to the seven-eleven nearby to a packet drink of papaya milk. it was still nice of course as it was my first time trying and i really like it. Singapore doesnt sell pure papaya milk and i feel kind of sad as i have never try pure one before. On the way back to the hotel, i fell asleep on the bus and my packet drink almost drop off. Unfortunately, our behaviour was not up to standard that day. i think it was probably because we were all too hyped and excited for being overseas with our classmates, we completely forgot that we represented river valley as a school. i got told off by Mr Gay too as during reflection time i played a prank on my friend.

1. what i feel i did incorrectly?
- when the guide was speaking, i was not paying attention to him and instead, was busily talking to my friends. I also listened to my earpiece when the guide was talking.
2. why is it incorrect?
- it is not polite and very disrespectful to the speaker. the speaker would feel sad and disrespected. i would also be missing out on very important informations and details about taiwan.
3. what will i do tomorrow?
- i will remember to stay focused when someone is talking and give my fullest attention to the speaker. i would also talk less to my friends and would not make a nuisance of myself.


The traditional clothes that Taiwanese have are bright in Colours like red, yellow and black. They are decorated with ornaments. Men usually wear waist skirts, slip on, embroidered with feathers and also gowns. Women usually wear jackets, long skirts, apron and leggings. These are what the 原住民 in Taiwan wear today too. 原住民in Taiwan still keep their tradition culture and did not grow accustomed to the modernized culture.
Today, the Taiwanese dress up according to fashion in Japan or Korea and also according to Western style of dressing, which includes wearing a large coat and also modern boots. Since certain places in Taiwan are quite cool sometimes, it is alright for them to go after Western fashion as the large outer wear can keep them warm and the boots can do the same too. Fashion in Korea and Japn are well known across the world as the clothes designed there are really attractive and have a new taste. Hence, people aren't tired of them yet. Taiwanese are one of the people who chased after these fashion as the type of clothes are really modern and could cause women to "love at first sight". 
Singapore is tropical country hence, we do not dress up like them such as wearing a coat walking on the street. We might get heatstroke if we do that. What we wear are usually casual like Tshirt and short pants. These may be considered home wear to Taiwanese while we take them as casual wear to hang out. Thus, you can see there is a distinct different between the fashion sense of Taiwanese and Sinagaporean. When Taiwanese go out, they always make sure their appearances are up to standard and would not make them "lose face". They are pretty conscious about their dressing.

If you ask me whether merlion is the best icon to represent Singapore, I would definitely say yes.

Merlion is a mascot of Singapore with a lion head and a fish tail. It is originated from Singapore and you cannot find any official merlion in any other countries. Merlion can only be found in Singapore as it is an idea suggested in Singapore and not by any other country. Although in Singapore there are also other attractions such as Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa and Ferris Wheel, such buildings can be found in other countries too as other countries could also have a tall building, a garden with a lot of plants, a beach and also a Ferris wheel. However, Merlion is the one and only structure that only Singapore has it. Most Singaporeans are also proud to have Merlion which is a mascot that most of us agree as to resemble Singapore. It is one of the best ideas Singapore had thought of and created and built. Thus, I feel that Merlion is the best icon to represent Singapore.

Moreover, if you ask a foreigner what they think resembles Singapore the most, they would probably say it's Merlion. When they visit Singapore, the one place they would not miss would be Sentosa where a big statue of Merlion is found. They would take a picture with the Merlion to keep as memory that they have once visited Singapore. Hence, we can conclude that in most foreigners' mind, Merlion is an object that resembles Singapore. When they see such a big sculpture, they would think that it has a great value. In their mind, Merlion would be the mascot of Singapore. Whenever they see Merlion, they would think of Singapore. In addition, Foreigners like to visit Chinatown and all they see there is Merlion keychains. These are the souvenirs that they buy for their family and friends and thus, they will think that Merlion is the icon that represents Singapore. Thus, I feel that Merlion best represents Singapore.


Singapore was once a fishing village which was not vibrant or prosperous at all. It was Mr Lee Kuan Yew who transformed Singapore from a fishing village to a prosperous city with quite a large population and vibrant entertainment activities. Without Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore wouldn't be such a safe country. Without him, we wouldn't have any shelter from rain and sun. Without him, we wouldn't be here educated and living a comfortable. All thanks to Mr Lee Kuan Yew who contributed half of his life just to fight bliss and peace for us. We have now improved to become a first world country from a third world country. Without him, we would literally have nothing. He was a great nation leader who lead Singpaore towards a bright future. 

Just like Singapore, Tang Dynasty has good leaders too to make it a very vibrant period of time in China history. It was the wealthiest and most prosperous time of China and people from that time was leading a life with high level of economic development. People there do not worry about resources as they have sufficient of them. There are no food shortages and people are safe and sound. Singapore is also of the same state as Tang Dyansty as people from both are leading a blissful life with not much troubles to worry about. All these are done my our great nation leaders who put in their heart and sweats and their utmost just to bring the best to their people.

We are deeply saddened by the recent passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It is a definitely sad news that our founding father has passed away and we have lost such a great man in our life. I feel really sorry for both his family and Singapore and I offer my deepest condolences to his family. It is a great lost to our country as a man who have helped in improving our country has gone to a far far away place. Without him we wouldn't be in such a comfortable country and living a peaceful life, without thieves or bombs. Although Singapore does not have any natural resources, Mr Lee made it possible that there are sufficient resources to provide with his people. He makes sure his people do not suffer from starvation or dehydration. He suggested in building the NEWater and we now have clean water for drinking. I'm really proud to be a Singaporean. Thank you Mr Lee, I salute you.


Suzhou industrial Park is built in 1994, February 26. It serves as a platform to cement the friendship between china and Singapore. It is also built to attract foreign investment so that both the counties can earn more income. However, China betrayed Singapore and built a replica of Suzhou Industrial park named as Suzhou New District. China charged cheaper rental fees and taxes and thus, more investment approached Suzhou New District. As a result, Singapore suffered conomic loss and China became the dominant partner in the share. Singapore's share has also dropped from the usual 65% to 35%.

I personally feel that China is in the wrong as I view them as the betrayal in this situation. Suzhou Industrial Park is built by both China and Singapore and although Singapore has a bigger share, China earns a lot from it too. Since the industrial park is what that maintains the friendship between China and Singapore, China should not have done such act that made its friend suffer from loss since they are good friends. I supposed Singapore has helped China a lot and has also taken care of the benefits of China. It is really inconsiderate as by building a replica that charges cheaper cost, it has caused Singapore to lose much of its major source of income. China should have manage the park with Singapore and make it more prosperous if possible to earn more money and not earn more by doing such low class actions. Mr Lee Kuan Yew is really sad and pissed as China took advantage of them just to earn benefits without being concern with the consequences that Singapore would face.

However, I can also view it as a lesson that Singapore could learn as by building a replica of Suzhou Industrial Park just to earn more money for itself, China has revealed its true image that it is a very selfish country with selfish nation leaders. The leader was not concern if Singapore would face any dire consequences if China  builds a replica park. China only thought about itself and could do anything, whether inconsiderate or not, to make itself become wealthier and stronger. It always put others at last even though the "other" is its friend. Mr Lee Kuan Yew has now known the truth of China and would minize the chance to work with China again to avoid betrayal and loss of income.

When I was preparing for my CID speech, I didn't really spend a lot of time preparing the script because I was using most of my time revising for upcoming written tests. I feel really bad now as I didn't treat CID speech as a real test and I just simply wrote a simple script without any detailed opinion on the topic. I think such attitude should not be repeated again and I tell myself the next time I have a speech I would put in my best effort to prepare for it. I feel that I could have done the speech better as when I was presenting my speech, I didn't really have much eye contact wih the teacher and also the classmates. Due to my stomach pain on that day, I didn't really feel well and I kind of reveal it on my face: I had a very annoyed expression on my face and my tone didn't have much feelings in it. I think that I could have maintain a smile on my face and I could have add in more different pitch in my tone to emphasize the main points. I also feel that for my script, I could have written a more detailed one which includes my opinion and also examples. My script was actually quite short. I could also have practiced more so that I wouldn't have brought my note up. When I observed my friends as they presented, some of them did quite well especially  Zijun. What he said really touches my heart as he talked about the bond between Singaporeans and that is what represented Singapore . His last quote also touch me a lot. In conclusion, I feel that I didn't do well this time and I hope to do better for the next speech.


The members in group 6 have done a very good job as their parts are distributed evenly and everyone had a chance to promote their product. The broom they thought of is also realistic and attracts buyers. Their presentation with teamwork is indeed funny and definitely interesting. Proud of their group spirit!


When China opens up to international trade, there will be a lot of countries importing resources from China as it has a lot of natural resources such as water, coal, oil which other countries don't have. When the demands for these resources increases due to other countries' lack of them, there will be a lot of income contributed to China's economic and thus, lead to economic growth of China. There is a high population rate in China thus, a lot of work force. Hence, a lot of different industries can be embarked on and thus, China becomes more and more powerful as countries will be interested in marketing in China since it has a lot of industries and they will be able to make a lot more profits. When a lot of countries work with China, China soon becomes wealthy as there are a lot of income from all sorts of industries and this aids in the economic growth in China.


When the population of Singapore dwindles in the future, there will be a lot of impact on Singapore. Nowadays, people give birth to only around one child unlike in the past when people give birth to 6-7 children per family. Hence, the population 20 years from now will probably decline drastically. When there are lesser citizens in a country, there will be lesser man power to help defend the country from exterior threat. There will be lesser people taking public transport hence it will be more costy to run them. There will be lesser people using facilities hence lesser facilities are built, resulting in residents to walk a long distance just to get to the facilities. There will be lesser products sold in the market and thus, the sellers will have lesser income and may have difficulties supporting their family. Due to lesser people, the lifestyle will be led slower and thus, may not advance in many places such as economic or technology. As a result, our progress will be much slower than other countries. When our country do not progress as fast and updated as other countries, we will lose a lot of chances in working with other countries and there will be lesser tourists visiting our country since there aren't a lot of exciting things to experience unlike other countries. Lesser and lesser people may result in quieter country, causing Singapore to soon become abandoned.


This picture depicts a scene at a HDB void deck. At a corner of the void deck, a half naked elderly is apparently sleeping on a foldable bed with only a piece of thin white cloth, supposedly his blanket, covering his weak body. There isn't any valuables around him except for his clothe and a pair slippers. This shows that he probably does not have enough money to afford any mattress or pillow or any other stuff such  as clothes or hand phone.

From my perspective, I feel that he is really pitiful and definitely deserves
my sympathy. This old man is in his sixties and he sleeps in an open area,
without any shelter from the cold wind at night. Moreover, he does not
have enough clothes for daily change and thus, sleeping without clothes on
in order to have a shirt to wear tomorrow. Moreover, He looks weak thin. If
he continues sleeping with cold wind without any clothes to cover himself,
he may be down with a severe cold.I think that the social helpers should
assist him in getting a small HDB flat so that he does not need to sleep
at the void deck again. If I came across this man, I would surely give him
some money sothat he could afford some proper clothes and could wear
them to sleep. Singapore is so called a wealthy country. She does not
have any uncleared debts. Most of the citizens living in Singapore aren't
short of cash too.
They have IPhones in their hands and expensive cars parked outside their
house. They sleep on expensive mattress with cost a thousand dollar.
Hence I don't see any reason why this old man is not having a proper
sheltered home or even sleeping on a mattress. I feel that we
Singaporeans should set up a charity drive for these homeless people
so that the collected donation could help these elderly get a small flat
and a bed to have a place for comfortable living.


To be frank, I didn't really start off with a very meaningful holiday. All I did at the start of holidays was just watching Korean Dramas all day long with food in both hands. I gained like thousands kilograms due to too much procrastination HAHAHA.
But then the fun came in no time. I received a message saying that I've successfully become a facilitator after an interview and I was really glad that day. After that, a Leadership Training Camp was held for all the facilitators and I was really excited. I was excited to see all my other facils, excited to see how they look like, and how they would accompany me throughout the remaining journey of a facilitator.
On the first day of LTC, we played a lot of ice breaker games and interacted quite a lot with one another. I've also same time made quite a lot of new friends. We cheered and ate and danced together throughout these two days and I guess our bonds between one another had become a lot tighter than before. That LTC was one of the best nights I spent in school. We jumped and sang along to the songs and everyone was so crazy and crazy. Everyone had a smile on their faces.
I shall end the talk on LTC but let me continue with the four facilitator training.
Throughout these four training, A lot of things happened, and a lot of us changed to become a even more qualified facil. I've learnt a lot of things through these training and of course, grew a lot more closer to all my facilitators. I will never forget how much efforts we put in to make ourselves the best facilitators ever. I will never forget the times when we sang out so loud and weren't afraid that people would judge us. I will never forget how thick skinned we were to do all sorts of idiotic stuff together. I will never forget all the hardwork and sweats we all pulled through together. I will never forget the 200% we put in when doing all the cheers and the dances. Those were the best memories I will never want to forget. They are the most awesome people I've ever met and I'm glad that they were once part of my life, and are now part of my life too. We promise to greet one another whenever we met at the corridors, and I hope this promise never be a lie. Our bonds shall never ever die.
This basically sums up my holiday, spending it with all the fabulous facs.
Friends, here's to never growing up.

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