Friday, 22 May 2015

Itenary for buddy

Why we chose the above places to visit:
Gardens by the Bay:  many flowers from different countries, which suits the interest of the buddy. 
Bukit Timah Hill Reserve: free of charge, not as much flower species there, but the buddy will be able to enjoy the scenery while admiring the flowers, so this would be an enjoyable and fun experience.
Nearby hawker centre: Cheap, and vegetarian food is available.
Singapore zoo: one of the best zoos in the world, and the buddy loves animals.
Bugis: A few malls available there, with Bugis street nearby which sells cheap souvenirs and items.

Why we did not choose jurong east and jurong bird park:
Jurong East: no sale of souvenirs, and items are pricey
Jurong bird park: expensive, and not as exciting as the Singapore Zoo

Saturday, 16 May 2015

3 Questions

Yi Jie 
1) What is the cost of your monthly school fees?
2) What do students do for entertainment?
3) What is the school hours?

Jing Jing
1) How much is your annual school fees? 
2) How much does one meal in average cost there?
3) What are some traditional beliefs of Taiwanese?

1) What is your usual bedtime?
2) What are the dishes that you usually eat for dinner?
3) Are the products sold in supermarket considered expensive to you? 

1) Are the studies there stressful?
2) How much do you usually spend per day?
3) Do you like the current education system? 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pre-trip research

1. Cost of a standard 4/5 room HDB flat (around 90-100 sq m) in Punggol
    The range for 4 room flat value is between $370k to $450k depending on location near amenities, area, and age of building. A 5 room flat would cost slightly higher.

2. Current cost of brand new Toyota Vios:
  • Vios G - $126,888 (non-guaranteed COE)
  • Vios E - $121,888 (non-guaranteed COE)
3. Local supermarket price of : (undiscounted)
  • Cheapest 10kg packet rice: 
  Happy Family Fragant Jasmine Rice $16.80
  • Cheapest 1 litre drinking mineral/distilled water: 
   Dasani Drinking Water $0.95
  • Cheapest fresh whole chicken (refrigerated): 
   JF Halal Chicken-S $6.60
  • Do we provide plastic bags and how are they used?
   Yes, the supermarkets provide plastic bags. They are used to carry the items purchased by the customers.
  • Who are the cashiers and what kind of service do they provide
   The cashiers range from young to old (about 60 years old), and are of different nationalities. They stand at the cashier machines all the time, and helps us to scan the items we are purchasing, put them in a plastic bag, and helps us with payment.
  • Cheapest 1 litre of cooking oil: 
   Happy Family Canola Oil 1L $4.30

4. How much is your school fee? 

5. How much is one litre of petrol (95 unleaded) 

6. How much is one movie ticket on a weekend

7. What is the average salary of a Singaporean

8. One big mac meal

Property manager (Aunt)