Monday, 20 April 2015

Singapore Youth Culture (Montage and Write-up)

Shopping malls
Singapore youths are commonly seen in shopping malls, be it after school, or hanging out with friends. The mall is our usual leisure area.
The youths here in Singapore are obsessed with selfies, and almost every project, outing or other random things end with a selfie
Japanese food
With the growing popularity of Japanese food here, the youths form the largest proportion of customers for Japanese restaurants. Many even prefers Japanese cuisine to Chinese cuisine. Therefore, we feel that the Japanese cuisine is linked in one way or another to Singapore's Youths.
Fast food chain
Generally for students who wants a filling meal, yet having a tight budget. Students frequent fast food restaurants after school for affordable and delicious meals.
Social media
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Singapore youths uses these social applications almost all the time.
The fashion among youths are trendy, and highly influenced by the fashion industry in other countries(Korea and America). 

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