Friday, 3 April 2015

Opinion on group 6's infograph

We feel that the infograph group 6 had done is lacked of hand drawn images and thus, is not visually attractive. It gives people a sense of dullness as the paper is only full of words and not much of pictures. As such, people may not have interest and would not read it. Moreover, the information written under 'Why?'was unclear and confusing, especially to those who had zero knowledge about Suzhou industrial park. They wrote that the industrial park failed due to corruption. However, they did not explain in detail how did the corruption occur. They also did not state that why China wanted to take advantage of Singapore when it started to attract a lot of business. We feel that it is because China wants to earn more money and become more powerful. We feel that they should have stated the consequences of corruption. To sum up, We feel that they should add in more details so that readers can understand it more clearly. More images should also be inserted to make it more attracting and lively.

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