Monday, 20 April 2015

Chinese Youth Culture - Photo Montage

These pictures include the festivals the Taiwanese usually celebrate which are 三八妇女节 and 七夕情人节. The 三八妇女节 is to signify how great are the women on earth while 七夕 is the traditional Chinese Valentine's Day. 

The Taiwanese like to 泡温泉 as its really comfortable and relaxing and the other activity they like is to stay at the 网吧 for the whole day and surf the Internet. They also like to watch concerts held by various popular singers such as Amei 张惠妹, JJ Lin and also Jay Chou at a big complex hall named as 小巨蛋. 

The applications the Taiwanese use is WeChat and Line which is different from Singaporeans who use Whatsapp more often. 

The Taiwanese prefer salt and fresh taste to sweet and bland taste. They also dressed up similar to the Japanese fashion.

The way Taiwanese talk is different from us as they will be a bit more 嗲 (whiny) when they speak. They are used to talking in this unique way which some of the Singaporeans feel that it's irritating.
But the good thing is they are really polite and friendly.

Singapore Youth Culture (Montage and Write-up)

Shopping malls
Singapore youths are commonly seen in shopping malls, be it after school, or hanging out with friends. The mall is our usual leisure area.
The youths here in Singapore are obsessed with selfies, and almost every project, outing or other random things end with a selfie
Japanese food
With the growing popularity of Japanese food here, the youths form the largest proportion of customers for Japanese restaurants. Many even prefers Japanese cuisine to Chinese cuisine. Therefore, we feel that the Japanese cuisine is linked in one way or another to Singapore's Youths.
Fast food chain
Generally for students who wants a filling meal, yet having a tight budget. Students frequent fast food restaurants after school for affordable and delicious meals.
Social media
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Singapore youths uses these social applications almost all the time.
The fashion among youths are trendy, and highly influenced by the fashion industry in other countries(Korea and America). 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Animal abuse & Impressions on the Chinese

Picture shown during CID lesson.
Fun fact: This is actually a North Korean circus
Initially, we felt that the Chinese were cruel people, who had zero sympathy for the animals. The bears were forced to jump on two legs, which was apparently extremely difficult for bears, and had to wear hideous costumes. Yet, the trainers were smiling from ear to ear, as if nothing wrong is happening.
However, after looking into this in another perspective, we realised that there could be another side of the story. The trainers could be leading a very tough life, and this is the only job that they can take to support their family, even if they do not like it at all.
We should not criticize the trainers alone. Who are the people supporting the circus? Who are the people who allows the circus to run and let the business prosper?
The audience.
They are the ones who pay to see they show, and probably enjoyed it, such that they could keep the show running. They are the ones who support animal abuse.
On a side note, the trainers are partly at fault too. They would torture the animals(bears) to follow orders, just to feed their family? This shows how little the Chinese actually cares for the animals.
But we should not stereotype all Chinese to be cruel hearted or have a lack in conscience. Some Chinese may be against the idea of animal abuse too.
In conclusion, we think that the Chinese people who supports the circus  are inhumane for allowing animal abuse, and not every Chinese should be put to blame.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Opinion on group 6's infograph

We feel that the infograph group 6 had done is lacked of hand drawn images and thus, is not visually attractive. It gives people a sense of dullness as the paper is only full of words and not much of pictures. As such, people may not have interest and would not read it. Moreover, the information written under 'Why?'was unclear and confusing, especially to those who had zero knowledge about Suzhou industrial park. They wrote that the industrial park failed due to corruption. However, they did not explain in detail how did the corruption occur. They also did not state that why China wanted to take advantage of Singapore when it started to attract a lot of business. We feel that it is because China wants to earn more money and become more powerful. We feel that they should have stated the consequences of corruption. To sum up, We feel that they should add in more details so that readers can understand it more clearly. More images should also be inserted to make it more attracting and lively.