Sunday, 18 January 2015


Yi Jie: 

life is unfair when some of us are living in a comfortable and conducive environment, while others are living in poverty and struggles everyday just to live, some even getting eaten by a vulture. we could not choose where we were to be born, life is just like that.


This picture shows us how important life is as it shows the child dying and how the vulture is waiting for it to die before eating it. We should live to our fullest and survive as long as possible. When we see people in need, we should also offer help as life is precious.

Hong Yi:

The child is so skinny and you can see the bones, which obviously show that she is very hungry. Yet there is a vulture near her and waiting for her to die of hunger. I find it a little cruel to take a picture and not help out in another way. I mean, the photographer can at least put a bit of food near the girl without touching her or anything, so she have the energy to walk to the place where they give you food.


The child is apparently struggling to stay alive and to head towards the food centre for some food. Today in this society, there are a lot of people trying to end their life by cutting themselves or hand themselves. They simply just commit suicide when they met some small little problems. But here this child is, trying not to die of starvation, trying to stay alive. Life is precious, we should not waste our lives    just like that. A lot of people out there are trying to live but can't. We should appreciate our chance of surviving and live life to the utmost.

Jing Jing:

I think that this picture relates to the word Life as at the end of the day, we see how the child strives to stay alive and how the vulture hunts for its prey to stay alive. The vulnerability of life reminds us that we should cherish our lives and live the most out of it. 

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